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Heather Treadway is a teacher, freelance fashion designer, costumer and musician making art with people in Portland, Oregon. She has designed and sewn for her eponymous fashion line since 2002 and has designed costumes for Portlandia, Big Freedia and The Northwest Dance Project. Treadway also performs in Secret Drum Band and HITS.


Raise your confidence and gain tangible skills. I will guide you in your sewing journey. I offer private and small group sewing lessons and workshops for people looking to expand their knowledge and skill-set, and meet their creative goals.



Being a fashion designer + maker requires a balance of creativity, risk-taking, patience, understanding of the rules, acquisition of tried-and-tested sewing methods, and the letting go of perfectionism. My teaching + coaching style is fun, creative and supportive. I will impart you with a foundation of universally agreed upon sewing methods and skills to guide you along your journey. If you're ready to take the leap and learn how to sew, or advance your sewing skills, sign up for lessons with me and I will help you reach your goals.

Contact me if you're looking for sewing lessons and one-on-one small business coaching. 

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1. Cancellations

In the event that you - the student - need to reschedule or cancel a lesson, please give me a 24 hour heads up. If you cancel or "no show" within the 24 hours before our scheduled lesson because you forgot, I may not be that eager to reschedule with you.  Given the appropriate amount of advanced notice, I will happily reschedule with you based on my current availability. If you have pre-paid for a lessons package, these lessons are non-refundable. I will extend a grace period of 3 months into the future for re-bookings. 

In the event that I need to reschedule a lesson, I reserve the right to do so at any time and will happily reschedule with you. If for an unforeseen reason I am unable to reschedule with you, I will promptly refund you the money you have paid upfront for your package of lessons. 

2. Payments

Payment for lessons are due in full at the time of the lesson, if you are purchasing just one session with me, OR if you are buying a package of lessons (which I recommend because it saves you a lot of money and helps you commit to your own learning process), payment is due at least 48 hours before the first of the series of lessons. I accept Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Cash (US currency), and Checks.

3. Liability Waiver

I will do everything in my power to ensure your safety during our private lessons. I am a stickler about keeping your fingers away from your machine needle, keeping your foot off the pedal while threading or changing out your needle, and don't even get me started about using a rotary cutter and the potential injuries that can incur (those things are sharp). But if by chance you are injured during our lesson, or in the Portland Apparel Lab space, neither I nor the proprietor of the Portland Apparel Lab are liable.