Soft Geometry

challenging the status quo through modern, eco inspired sportswear for every body.

After graduating from The Evergreen State College Heather started her first fashion line, Paper Doll, in her attic bedroom. With a passionate love of garment design, sewing, art and music, Heather Treadway (the design label) was born - rooted in unique self expression, playfulness, self-acceptance, gender fluidity and the enjoyment of textiles.

Heather Treadway was shortened to HT and could be found in brick and mortars around the US, as well as online. Based in Portland Oregon, HT has participated in multiple fashion events and shows. As our concern for the health of our environment grows, we have shifted from working with nylon and synthetics to using organic and natural fibers. Along with using eco conscious materials, the production process for making HT sportswear is thoughtful and focuses on producing zero waste. Scraps are saved and used and later pieced together to make zipper pouches and smaller items. Tiny bits of fabric are stored to stuff pillows. The construction of each garment is thoughtfully executed so that HT items stay intact and beloved year after year. As the material wears through washing, the style only improves as it softens and relaxes ever so slightly like a favorite vintage t-shirt.

We ensure that you will be in love with your garment. If you need an alteration or have a question regarding how to mend or maintain your new treasured piece, we will be there to help.