Custom Dyed Mock V

Custom Dyed Mock V


Soft, versatile and sporty. The made-to-order dyed Mock V with fitted black ribbing turtle, or relaxed turtle will elevate your style in the best ways. Paired with denim, high waisted palazzo pants or a skirt. Can literally go everywhere with you. I like this layered under a jacket, can also be layered over a bodysuit. A sharp sophisticated take on a classic grey top. These are made to order in small batches and can take up to two weeks to ship. Please note that color may vary because these are hand dyed.



Fabric content:

Organic Cotton + hemp - main body

Organic cotton + elastane - ribbing cuffs

Care Instructions:

Wash cool, line dry


Turtle Style:
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The softest organic cotton + hemp blended fabrics were used to make these geometric and cozy tanks. Playful, comfortable, and made to wear each season. These pieces are durable and strong, but breathable in 85 degree weather. Why did we choose organic cotton and hemp? Using natural fibers is important to us because it reduces the amount of synthetic fibers that end up in oceans, and it is healthier on the skin - our largest organ! The hand dyed fibers are lovingly made to order, and each dye bath will have a slight variation in shade of grey. Up to ahem…50 shades of grey..